Auto Locksmith working on a car

At Cheshire Locksmiths we under go quality assurance checks internally to ensure that each of our staff offer and execute the best quality of service possible. In all our time of trading we have NEVER caused any damage to any vehicle we have been called out to.

However that being said we have full motor trade insurance for the entire organisation. This means rest assured you can allow us to work on your car, keys and locks and that if anything ever was to happen your car and ourselves would be fully insured!


But don’t take our word for it here are a few quotes from our recent customers:

“We called Cheshire Auto Lockmiths when I had my handbag stolen from a pub, they were out within the hour and cut a new key to allow me to get home safely. The staff were really friendly and they talked me through what they were doing. I had a new set of keys in no time. Very happy!” Jill, Stockport

“I bought a second hand Audi and it only came with one key, I wanted to get a spare key cut and a locksmith came to my home with his van and cut me a complete set along with a normal key at a bargain price. Thank you cheshire auto Locksmiths” Steve, Wilmslow