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Recently a lot of our customers have had problems with their VW Audi, Skoda or Seat key. The main issue arising is that the key has actually snapped, therefore they are unable to start their vehicle. In addition, some late model of these vehicles can sometimes be very difficult and very expensive to program; however, we are able to repair these Broken Car keys and even program a spare key.

Lost Skoda Key Video – Broken Car Keys

In the video below, we help a lady who only has one car key for her Skoda. She contacted us and we arrived at the comfort of her own home and helped her with her vehicle.

We are a family owned business that provides a 24/7 service. Our car engineer will travel to you as we are a mobile service, and our priority is to get you back on the road, fast and at a much lower cost than the dealership, as well as in plenty of time. We also work out of hours for emergencies only.  We stock keys, remotes, and ignitions for many makes and models of cars and motorcycles.

Furthermore, we work alongside breakdown companies such as the RAC and insurance companies too. A few of our jobs also have required our team to work alongside the Police. We strive to keep our equipment and machinery up-to-date; ensuring we are at the forefront of technology. When you call Cheshire Auto Locksmiths 07934731331 you speak to the engineer and not a member of staff that are really not understanding what the fault is. ensuring we can attend and take away the stress worry etc that you have experienced.

We have a range of staff who are able to help you out. When you call our business, a vehicle engineer will be able to understand the exact pin point of your problem, and are flexible with when you want us to solve your car key. Whether you have a Broken Car Key, or you simply want a spare key, our team are ready to help!


Please watch the video above and feel free to call us with your enquiry on 07934731331, otherwise please email us: cheshireautolocksmiths@gmail.com We will call you back about your problem with your particular vehicle.



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