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There has been an increase with thieves hacking into a Ford Transit Hykee. All Ford Transits are able to be hacked and picked into. They are able to pick and decode the vehicle, and then overriding the immobiliser they can drive away.

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths, however; are able to upgrade your Ford Transit Hykee with a door lock upgrade. You can see the equipment in the images below.

The door upgrade for your Ford Transit Hykee requires no damage or drilling to your vehicle and it takes less than fifteen minutes to install. The main benefit of having this upgrade is that the obvious is it stops theft, as it is pick resistant and also drill resistant. Secondly, is that it is compatible with an existing central locking system.

Our business in depth:

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths are a family-owned business that travels to you. We want to provide a stress-free and hassle-free solution to your Ford Transit Hykee. Not only that but, we are a 24/7 service, as well as helping you in an emergency out of hours. We use the latest and up-to-date equipment and tools needed for the job. In addition, we have a six month’s warranty on keys. We can create and program a key for the majority of models and makes.

So if you are in need of higher security on your Ford Transit, feel free to call our team on: 07934731331

Or send us an email with information about your problem and vehicle at: cheshireautolocksmiths@gmail.com

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And finally, check us out on YouTube, where we have videos of our professional auto locksmith on jobs with different makes of cars and models!

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