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Cheshire Auto Locksmiths provide a roadside assistance and are mobile to drive to where you and your vehicle are. We are fully equipped and have the latest machinery and equipment in order to replace your Lost Car Key. Because we are a family-owned business,  we can cut a lot of hassle and the cost, which means the job is stress-free and flexible to you.

Mazda MX Sport – Lost Car Key

The video below is a customer that had lost their car key whilst they were on holiday, they had no spare key at all and they were stranded on their property. We replaced their Lost Car Key and also created a second set too. We tackled the problem on the same day this customer contacted used.

All our keys and ignitions carry a minimum of a six months warranty. We can at sometimes offer a second key with the price of the key reduced.

So if you have a Lost Car Key and need a new key, call us on: 07934731331

You can also send us an email about your vehicle at: cheshireautolocksmiths@gmail.com

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