Broken car keyA broken car key can be a rare occurrence, but when it does happen this can be at a great inconvenience to you. It’s often at a time where you need to be somewhere or when you just don’t have the time. Often there are signs of wear and tear and like most of us, many leave it until it’s too late and the key has either worn out so much it isn’t working or it has snapped into two pieces. It’s not always the key that has the wear and tear either, at times it can the the ignition or door barrel which has worn away leaving the key unable to enter or stuck inside.

Below are some Frequently asked questions.

Why has my key worn out and what can I do?

The answer to this is pretty simple, with more and more use and how we store our keys over time the cut of the key and grooves can soften and wear down altering the structure of the key. Eventually this will cause many people some frustration and use force to try and get the key to work better. Often this causes bent keys, and snaps in the key. There isn’t much you can do about wear and tear of your keys, however by having two or three keys and alternating their use will reduce wear and tear on a specific key. Contact Cheshire Auto Locksmiths for a quote to receive a replacement key.

I’ve snapped my car key, what should I do?

When keys do not work as well as they used to this can cause us to use a little more force than often necessary which can lead to a snapped key. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to repair the key.

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths are able to bring our mobile locksmith vehicles to you and cut a new key from the remaining fragment of the key. We are then able to remove the other fragment from inside the lock. If your car key has a transponder chip we’ll then take the transponder from the old unit and place it into your new key if there has been no damage to it.

I’ve got my car keys stuck in the ignition or car door. Help!

As mentioned previously it can be quite easy for a key to get stuck in a car door or ignition. This isn’t necessarily due to a problem with the key, often it can be due to a faulty lock or barrel, these too can have wear and tear and sometimes this causes the key to get stuck.

In the event of this occurring don’t use force to try and get the keys out. You could cause further damage which would be more costly to repair.

Call Us, Cheshire Auto Locksmiths and a member of our trained and experienced staff will drive to your location with their mobile auto locksmith vehicle to remove the keys and get you back on the road to take or continue your journey.