There has been an increase with thieves hacking into a Ford Transit Hykee. All Ford Transits are able to be hacked and picked into. They are able to pick and decode the vehicle, and then overriding the immobiliser they can drive away.

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths, however; are able to upgrade your Ford Transit Hykee with a door lock upgrade. You can see the equipment in the images below.

The door upgrade for your Ford Transit Hykee requires no damage or drilling to your vehicle and it takes less than fifteen minutes to install. The main benefit of having this upgrade is that the obvious is it stops theft, as it is pick resistant and also drill resistant. Secondly, is that it is compatible with an existing central locking system.

Our business in depth:

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths are a family-owned business that travels to you. We want to provide a stress-free and hassle-free solution to your Ford Transit Hykee. Not only that but, we are a 24/7 service, as well as helping you in an emergency out of hours. We use the latest and up-to-date equipment and tools needed for the job. In addition, we have a six month’s warranty on keys. We can create and program a key for the majority of models and makes.

So if you are in need of higher security on your Ford Transit, feel free to call our team on: 07934731331

Or send us an email with information about your problem and vehicle at:

Check what our previous jobs and customers said about us on our Yell Page and our Facebook Page!

And finally, check us out on YouTube, where we have videos of our professional auto locksmith on jobs with different makes of cars and models!


VW Broken Keys – Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside

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VW Broken Key –  Today, we attended a job in Manchester, where we faced a common problem typically seen in Seats, VW, Skoda and Audi.These types of vehicles are all a type of VAG key. The problem is with the steel folding part of the key that holds the blade in place. The key breaks away, leaving the key in two broken parts. Dropping the key is one of the main causations of a customer’s VW Broken Key.

The Solution to the VW Broken Key?

At Cheshire Auto Locksmiths, we can now repair this common fault without it costing you several pounds. We come out and carry out all of your repairs at your home address or business address. This takes the hassle out of having to leave your vehicle with your vehicle dealer for several days. If you do come across this fault, and you do not have a spare key, you could find yourself stranded.

We use professional and up-to-date machinery to program a new key to your particular vehicle.

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths are a family-run business. We accept card and cash payments, including debit card payment. We are a 24/7 service.

The Vehicle


Broken Car Keys – Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside

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Recently a lot of our customers have had problems with their VW Audi, Skoda or Seat key. The main issue arising is that the key has actually snapped, therefore they are unable to start their vehicle. In addition, some late model of these vehicles can sometimes be very difficult and very expensive to program; however, we are able to repair these Broken Car keys and even program a spare key.

Lost Skoda Key Video – Broken Car Keys

In the video below, we help a lady who only has one car key for her Skoda. She contacted us and we arrived at the comfort of her own home and helped her with her vehicle.

We are a family owned business that provides a 24/7 service. Our car engineer will travel to you as we are a mobile service, and our priority is to get you back on the road, fast and at a much lower cost than the dealership, as well as in plenty of time. We also work out of hours for emergencies only.  We stock keys, remotes, and ignitions for many makes and models of cars and motorcycles.

Furthermore, we work alongside breakdown companies such as the RAC and insurance companies too. A few of our jobs also have required our team to work alongside the Police. We strive to keep our equipment and machinery up-to-date; ensuring we are at the forefront of technology. When you call Cheshire Auto Locksmiths 07934731331 you speak to the engineer and not a member of staff that are really not understanding what the fault is. ensuring we can attend and take away the stress worry etc that you have experienced.

We have a range of staff who are able to help you out. When you call our business, a vehicle engineer will be able to understand the exact pin point of your problem, and are flexible with when you want us to solve your car key. Whether you have a Broken Car Key, or you simply want a spare key, our team are ready to help!


Please watch the video above and feel free to call us with your enquiry on 07934731331, otherwise please email us: We will call you back about your problem with your particular vehicle.




Volvo Spare Car Key – Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside

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Auto Locksmith working on a carAt Cheshire Auto Locksmiths, we can now assist you with your Volvo car and keys. This is mainly if you wanted a Volvo Spare Car Key which is supplied and programmed by us. Not a lot of key locksmiths are able to give customers assistance with their Volvo vehicle, which meant that the customer would have to solve the problem with their main dealership which could cost them as much as £3,000! However; with Cheshire Auto Locksmiths, we can now help with your vehicle and create you a Volvo Spare Car Key!

Volvo XC90 – Volvo Spare Car Key

Only using time-proven machines and equipment, plus stock a huge selection of vehicle keys for the majority makes and models, we are up-to-date. We want to be able to help you, provided customer service and stress-free.

Our business goes that extra mile with our family run business! Once we solved your problem, we provide plenty of information on how we helped and answer any questions you may have to ask.For many years we have had some excellent reviews from our previous customers, so why not check out our reviews, there are even company reviews such as from break-down business and insurances.

We will drive to you with our mobile service to either your home address or even your workplace. We also provide a 24/7 service, as well as working out of hours for emergencies. So if you are one of many people that require a Volvo Spare Car Key, then call us on: 07934731331. You can even email us on:



Lost Car Key – Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside

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Cheshire Auto Locksmiths provide a roadside assistance and are mobile to drive to where you and your vehicle are. We are fully equipped and have the latest machinery and equipment in order to replace your Lost Car Key. Because we are a family-owned business,  we can cut a lot of hassle and the cost, which means the job is stress-free and flexible to you.

Mazda MX Sport – Lost Car Key

The video below is a customer that had lost their car key whilst they were on holiday, they had no spare key at all and they were stranded on their property. We replaced their Lost Car Key and also created a second set too. We tackled the problem on the same day this customer contacted used.

All our keys and ignitions carry a minimum of a six months warranty. We can at sometimes offer a second key with the price of the key reduced.

So if you have a Lost Car Key and need a new key, call us on: 07934731331

You can also send us an email about your vehicle at:


Lost Car Keys Macclesfield

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Lost car Keys Macclesfield, Cheshire auto locksmiths received a call for a local company in Macclesfield, for Lost carKeys, For a 2010 Landrover range Rover Sport, Proximity key, we stock a large range of keys for many makes and models, enabling us to complete jobs by the roadside for companies like the RAC AA and green Flag. at times we work along side of these blue chip companies ensuring we keep company fleet vehicles I.E Royal Mail. etc even Police Scenes of Crime work.

We ensure your vehicle security is not compromised and our aim is to keep your vehicle on the road and minimise downtime.

please feel free to give us a call on 07934731331 or email us on

Regards Stefan.


Broken Car key

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Broken car Key Manchester, are a small family independent company, fully trained 24-hour emergency Auto locksmith service. we operate a fully mobile outfit where we realise you require a auto locksmiths to come to you , as your vehicle may have the Broken car key in the door or even ignition immobilising your vehicle stranded ? we can cut out the Recovery services and also the stress that is involved getting your vehicle back on the road the same day. we also assist two of the biggest recovery breakdown companies in the country.

we stock a huge stock of keys for many makes and models even working weekends and out of hours. we are also fully trained so when you make contact with us you speak direct to the Engineer and not  someone who doesn’t understand your requirements .

so if you have Broken Car Keys, Lost Car keys, Stolen Car keys etc give us a call on 07934731331 check out our reviews. on or just google Cheshire auto locksmiths  reviews  . your vehicle  is very important to keep secure and ensure you are the only person who has keys. modern thieves now use stolen cars to commit crimes etc. so if you have just bought a vehicle with only one key some one some where will have the missing second key. we can delete  missing keys to protect your vehicle and its security.

we also have the latest car key programming equipment . we also contract for RAC key assist insurance.


Auto locksmiths Manchester

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Auto Locksmiths Manchester  emergency 24/7 call out. we had an unusual one today a brand new car Peugeot 2008 model with two keys but the customer wanted two remote keys , hence the vehicle only came with 1 x standard key and one remote. so we quoted and-and it was so nice to work on a brand new car for two reasons one it was new and two, our equipment is the latest on the market which we keep up to date buying the latest software. which enables to keep up with technology .
Cheshire Auto Locksmiths Manchester  are a small family owned company, we operate within a 50-mile radius of Manchester. we are also on the vehicle support list for two Major breakdown companies . we may not be the cheapest but when it comes to your vehicle security it’s very important to hire a company that you can trust with your car keys. always check out your Auto locksmiths reviews. just google their name and add the word review.


Lost Car Key’s Manchester

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Lost Car Key’s Manchester specialise is Vehicle Car key’s, So if you have had you Car Key’s Lost/Stolen /Broken/ Faulty/ or have bought a vehicle with just the one key and require a Auto Locksmith to come to you taking out all the stress and in most cases saving money the requirement for a recovery vehicle give us a call on 07934731331 speak direct to our engineer and not some one who can’t answer the questions your asking.

Lost Car Key’s Manchester + Cheshire+ Tameside + Manchester Airport + wecover a 40 mile radius from Manchester.

Cheshire Auto locksmiths operate a twenty four Hour, seven day a week emergency Auto Locksmiths. often working for major break down services and car key Insurance companies, we are a family owned company so we go the extra mile and  do our best to deliver a service  no one else offers.



Lost Vauxhall Corsa Keys

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If you have lost one of your keys, we can make you a new one! We can make a car key for almost any car brand including Lost Vauxhall Corsa Keys. Using professional equipment and diagnostics, we ensure that your key has the correct data and will have no faults when opening your vehicle. If however, you do find your Lost Vauxhall Corsa Keys or other car brand keys, then we can reprogram that key, if not delete its data if you do not want a spare key for your vehicle; hence it is best if you hold onto the old Lost Vauxhall Corsa Keys.

We are an Emergency Auto Locksmiths,  and so, we are open twenty four seven.

So if you are in need of our assistance desperately, then do not hesitate to contact on us on 07934731331. You will receive a free quote too.  Check out our social media links to help you with your Lost Vauxhall Corsa Keys! We have Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook!

Check out more of our sites too for more information and also reviews from previous customers.
We are the Auto Locksmiths for you to help you replace Lost Vauxhall Corsa Keys.