Vauxhall Car Keys require a security immo code to enable a qualified auto locksmith to reprogram key to the vehicle. This is done by expensive dealer and level Diagnostic equipment. The security pass is needed when it comes to Vauxhall Car Keys. It helps Cheshire Auto Locksmiths to identify the VIN; the radio code; the key number encrypted via ISN, plus the IMMO code. The vehicle’s remote functions are diagnostically programmed to the vehicle by our professional auto locksmith.

We only use genuine and advanced key diagnostics and programming. And we have the latest equipment and machinery to complete the job.

Vauxhall Car Key in depth:

We deal with many Lease Car Companies and many people are not always aware of the penalties that are imposed when a car is returned. One of the conditions is, the vehicle must have two keys present and both in working conditions. If there is only one key is handed over,  the customer will be charged a large price, which in most cases are not just for the replacement key, but; the cost for the lease company. Be aware if you lease a company car, it is always more economical to get the job done yourself.
The video below is one of our locksmiths sorting out a problem with one of many Vauxhall Car Keys.

Our business provides a mobile service which means we drive to you and your vehicle. We also work out of hours to deal with emergencies. We provide our service in Cheshire and Greater Manchester, Northwest region, including Tameside.

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths are a family-run company, so we enable a hassle free and stress-free aid for you and your vehicle. We also ensure your vehicle is secure especially if you have had you Vauxhall car Keys stolen. We automatically delete the stolen Vauxhall Car Keys out of the vehicle registry rendering them no longer able to start the car.

So if you have a problem with your Vauxhall Car Keys, don’t hesitate to contact us on: 07934731331.

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Ford Transit Key ~ Cheshire Auto Locksmiths

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Not only do Cheshire Auto Locksmiths sort out Lost Ford Transit Key or Replacement Ford Transit Key…

Here we have a Ford Transit Key that Cheshire Auto locksmiths are now programming a second key for. Using our 24/7 emergency service, if you are needed a new key for not just a Ford Transit Key but for any other car brand, then Cheshire Auto Locksmiths are the team for you! Using professional equipment and diagnostic systems, we can make a brand new key as well as well as clearing key data if you had a stolen Ford Transit Key or in fact any other car brand. We will make sure that your Ford Transit Key or another car brand key will open and start your vehicle.

Do you need us? Contact us on: 07934731331 We are a 24/7 service, all year round so we will be there as soon as possible to sort out your Ford Transit Key or another car brand key.

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BMW Faulty Car Key ~ Cheshire Autolocksmiths

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Here in Greater Manchester, Cheshire Auto Locksmiths are replacing a BMW Faulty Car Key, which is a 46 Model. This particular key has a faulty remote and will not operate the doors. Many BMW vehicles also suffer with the driver’s door lock manual operation; where a key will lock the car door manually however; will not open the door manually. This results with the situation being locked out of the vehicle and not able to gain entry.

Not only do we do BMW Faulty Car Key (s), but we also do other car models as well. Since this particular key can not open the vehicle, we therefore ensure that we can manually open your vehicle without causing any damage, or in fact a single scratch. If you would like more information or need us to help you then please contact us!
Below is a YouTube video that shows you how we replace a BMW 46 Model Car Key ( BMW Faulty Car Key).

So if you have a BMW Faulty Car Key, or in fact need our service to help you then please contact us on: 07934731331

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New shape 2015 Ford Transit Key

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The new Fords have really updated their security  across the whole fleet, gone are the days that fords were a push over to would be car thief’s. they  now boast to have the HU 101 high security  lock system which is also shared by Range rover and Volvo’s. New shape 2015 Ford Transit key  are really post  compared to the older style keys.  Today we supplied  a new flip key  including programming for The New shape 2015 Ford Transit, this customer  paid over 15 K for this smart van and yes he only got the one key, which means  some one some where has a key to his van.  so we have been hired to make this van secure and stop any mis haps from happening.

Heres a short video  this customer  tried various other local locksmiths but they wanted the vehicle for up to 5 hours  while they programmed the New Shape 2015 Ford transit Key. we have direct Dealer log in so we get the correct codes from the correct dealer 1st time.  the customer was very happy  with our service and price. even more sot the saved this company  a days down time, as we are also self employed we strive to keep your vehicles moving and an the road.

New shape 2015 Ford Transit Video.


Key Card Not Detected.

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Renault Key card Error, Key Card Not Detected. your car wont start this  is due to damage sustained to your key card, either by dropping your key card or sitting down with it in your pocket? inside your key card is a circuit board which is not designed to flex, this is when  the Renault Key card Error Key Card Not Detected. Appears on the dash board. Get in touch or Call us on  07934731331 also only use dealer level programming equipment so you know your in safe hands just check out our video page. at the top top of our web site.

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths  come to you and carry out all work on site at your home or place of work, we always keep the customer informed of what we are doing and the process of the job. many customers are very interested and often sit in the car watching us  re program the car keys.

we also offer, Replacement car keys, Locked  out of your car, keys locked in the boot,  replacement ignitions and door locks, plus  cater for any one who’s had their car keys stolen, ensuring that the would be thief can not come back and steal the vehicle.


Hyundai car keys

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Published on 7 Feb 2015

Hyundai car keys supplied and programmed, this customer lost her car keys while doing some fund raising for the community. we received a call after she had waited to see if the keys have been handed in, but unfortunately no keys were handed in? the lady then contacted the AA who declined to Recover the car as the car had not broken down and she had simply lost her keys. so the Breakdown cover did not cover her.

She then contacted The main dealership who quoted her over £350.00 to recover the vehicle and supply two new keys with a 5 to 10 day wait.

We then received a call and we quoted her a price to come to the vehicle location (cutting out the need for recovery service and Costs) we also explained that we were able to supply cut and program the new Replacement Hyundai Car Keys at the vecles location , and she would be able to drive away the vehicle within a hour of us arriving we had turned the job around. we also deleted the lost /Stolen keys rendering the Hyundai car keys Redundant. also ensuring this ladys car would be secure . 24 hour emergency Auto Locksmiths Tel 07934731331


Locked Keys in car Cheshire

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Locked Keys in Car Cheshire. we received a call from a self employed tradesman he had just loaded up his VW estate car and slammed the  boot only for the car to Lock with his only Keys in the car. This also caused major issues as the car  also had the house keys  attached to the bunck? We attended and  Mr Parr was  bowled over with the way we gained entry with our specialist non destructive entry Picks . the car was opened in less than 5 minutes. Causing absolute no damage to the vehicle?

Some Auto Locksmiths use a different method of entry where they will pry open the top of the  drivers door with air bags, creating a gap to put long rods through and  open the car door handle from the inside, But on most modern cars they now deadlock preventing the above, We use a  Lishi Pick method where we use a mechanical key  which opens the car door through the key hole? just like you would use your car key.

Mr Parr decided there and then to enquire about a second replacement Key , as he had already lost  the morning work and pay. so we cut a second Key and programmed the Keys Transponder to the VW. Mr Parr now has a Car with two Keys, so wont be calling out again.

We also Guarantee all our work and advise our customers what the job entails and what procedure we use. we also carry out a large stock of car keys and remote key fobs. we operate 24/7 when all the main agents are closed our service is  classed as a 5th emergency service. when you call Cheshire auto Locksmiths  you also talk direct to the engineer and not a receptionist who has no experience in the auto locksmith field. so call us on 07934731331.


Locked my keys in my car


Transit Keys Manchester

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Ford Transit Keys Manchester, Recently we  have been called out to a Petroleum Company in Manchester , as they had some issues with a staff  member who had recently left the company? But this person  with held a set of keys for a Vehicle that had some very expensive equipment in the  rear.  so our service were required attended the  vehicle and  produced a  new Blue Transit Remote key. also cutting and programming the key all on site, ensuring the company can operate around us causing no lost revenue, which fits in well with most Large companies.

We also  gave the Company boss a demonstration as he was concerned that the ex employee could  remove this vehicle with its expensive equipment, Once we had deleted the  keys and re programmed the new keys  the old  key that the  3rd party has in his possession is now redundant. and of no use to any one. ensuring this vehicle is protected  and secure at all times.


While we  was there we have also booked in additional work for a VW Transporter and caddy to replace worn out Keys.

Cheshire  Auto Locksmiths Supply Ford Transit Keys  Manchester, Cheshire,Tameside, Trafford areas call us for a no obligation quote 07934731331.when you call us you speak directly to the Auto Locksmith and not someone who will tell you will have to book it in it may need this or that etc etc.


Kia replacement key

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Published on 5 Feb 2015


Replacement 2012Kia Key

Replacement Kia 2012 car Key.

Kia replacement key, today we attended a Lease vehicle that was due to be returned to the vehicle lease company, now you may not know this but when a lease vehicle is handed back to the company the vehicle is permitted to have some wear and tear for the mileage and age, BUT and other bodywork and interior damage including missing /damaged vehicle keys the Lease company impose financial penalties to put /replace the damage. and deduct or take the whole deposit that they hold on the vehicle lease agreement. This Vehicles owner was burning some waste and hours late realised that he had lost one of the car keys?? the day later the key was found in the Fire looking rather worst for wear, we attended the owners works ensuring no down time for them, and completed the job without using the main agents silly fees, taking all the stress out of the job. only use the latest vehicle programming equipment and offer a elite service to the general public and trade. we also stock a huge amount of vehicle keys transponders and remotes to cater for many needs. we also operate 24/7 so when you lose /break /lock your car key in the car, we can assist when all other options are not applicable? we also can remove snapped car keys from doors and ignitions.

This Kia Key was accidentally dropped in the  fire.

This Kia Key was accidentally dropped in the fire.


Lost car Keys Manchester

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Lost car Keys Manchester Today we Visited  Frank a Old age pensioner , he qualified for the OAP 10% discount on Lost car Keys Manchester, Frank had misplaced or Lost his  set of car keys and really desperate to find them, However after a week looking his family made it quite clear that he must get a new set, Frank explained how impressed he was with  as he had read our reviews and instantly knew he was in safe hands.  so he contacted us and we explained what we  do and the security side of his vehicle, in fact Frank didn’t know he had the Deadlocks on his car.  we even gave Frank a choice of keys  for his Ford and he opted for the  Original Ford  Flip out Key. by time Frank mad me a fresh Cuppa the job was almost done. we also deleted his old Lost car keys from the Vehicles log file  making sure his car was safe.

Lost car Keys Manchester (Job) to check out our reviews you can visit this link

Cheshire Auto Locksmiths is a family owned  company , we pride ourselves on the Reliability and quality of the service we supply. we have many happy customers throughout Cheshire, Manchester,Tameside, South Manchester, Buxton and surrounding areas.